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My sister is dating an alcoholic am i too young for internet dating

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Elephant Journal Founder and Editor-in-Chief Waylon Lewis recently took to Twitter and Facebook, asking advice for a woman who was dating an alcoholic. There were times I’d wish he’d just get a girlfriend and have an affair. At least then I could say well he found someone skinnier and prettier. No, at the time I didn’t have enough self awareness to see the situation wasn’t about me.Most of the responses said either to run as fast as she could the other way, or to quick get herself into Al Anon, a support group for the family members of alcoholics. But having a bit of experience with this myself, I’d add a different twist; Take a look at yourself, why are you drawn to this relationship? I left the very few meetings I attended feeling like I’d just spent the past hour in the midst of people wallowing in their pain and unwilling to move on. What I’m trying to figure out is how to not be so angry that there is even a mess to clean up to begin with. How do I even begin to compete with a bottle of beer? Instead, I chose to point blame and retaliate in ways to cause him to feel pain as well. If he wants to act like he doesn’t love me then I’ll give him a reason not to love me.While my yoga practice began as nothing more than another form of exercise, I quickly realized it had been what I was searching for.Through meditation and svadhyaya (self study) I was able to drown out the chaos around me and take an honest look at myself and my motives.A You feel alone too, and you also need support, but you are doing the right thing by showing your sister that you care and keeping communication open.

And in order to detach you will have to find a way to accept that your daughter may not ever become the version of an adult you insist she must be. You must first trust that you did your best as a parent, and then you must accept your adult children as they are. We think she might be bipolar, but again don’t know how to bring this up without upsetting her.

What is the lesson you are supposed to learn about yourself here? The cycle of addiction has been passed down in his family for generations, and despite his desire not to allow it to continue, my husband has had his battles with alcoholism. Each meeting was spent with people telling me that his drinking wasn’t my fault. I spent a lot of years angry and hurt by the situation. All that was left after my retaliatory strike was two people hurting even more. I can’t exorcise his demons for him any more than he can rid me of mine. I do, however, have the power to stop my own self-destructive actions.

This year my husband and I will celebrate our 23 wedding anniversary. I know now that everyone I meet is working their own struggles.

Basically, I have never in my life had one or two drinks.

Once I start, I'm going to keep going until I pass out or vomit or am otherwise physically stopped from continuing to drink.