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Guys that can think for themselves, are their own person and dare to be different...on. About Me: "2016 is basically a news montage at the beginning of a post-apocalyptic movie explaining how the world ends." black muscle artist that throws out compliments when I see hard work, give out free hugs, loves art, and is aiming to be a bodybuilder.

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Today, I'll talk about why we stopped using serial integers for our primary keys, and why we're now extensively using Universally Unique IDs (or UUIDs) almost everywhere. They can be freely exposed without disclosing sensitive information, they are not predictable and they are performant.

A relational database is a graph where nodes are called entities and edges relations.

Self-injury is a well-recognized clinical phenomenon, but its causes — and therefore its cures — have been somewhat elusive.

Two clinical researchers have compelling and complementary views on why people engage in this harmful behavior. 7 Print version: page 58 What makes young people cut, scratch, carve or burn their skin, hit or punch themselves, or even bang their heads against a wall?

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Overall plays for the time period chosen are shown on the upper left hand side of your Stats Overview page.

There are several "required" keys that are specified in each profile object (dictionary) in the Blade Profile array.

For years, psychologists theorized that such self-harming behaviors helped to regulate these sufferers' negative emotions.

If a person is feeling bad, angry, upset, anxious or depressed and lacks a better way to express it, self-injury may fill that role.

Open Storage() return the storage object.- Added the best damage or heal for the player on the current encounter on its spec icon tooltip.- Damage Rank Panel: - won't reset after closing and reopening.

As big users of Postgre SQL, we had the opportunity of re-thinking the idioms common in the world of relational DBs.