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Updating gtk how to

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I have ran it again after but the problem persists.Basically, the program is not responding correctly.

However the canvas is not updated, and the output is not printed.to avoid a lot of system call and disk seek overhead when the application starts.Since the format of the cache files allows them to be mmaped shared between multiple applications, the overall memory consumption is reduced as well.I'm developing an application that periodically draws images on a GTK Drawing Area inside a window.The rendering first works well and the window content gets repainted if I drag another window over the drawing one, but after some random amount of time (some seconds), the window stops updating itself.= None: item.modify_font(font) item.queue_draw() self.try_to_update(item) print 'done' return retval def try_to_update (self,item): """ do something here to update the visual screen????