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He finds the corpse of King Kong and takes home a monkey (presumably Kong's orphaned son? If this isn't the weirdest Apocalyptic flick ever, I don't know what is !

He didn't cry when accepting his two Oscars for Gandhi in 1982.You hear them more than see them, a catch in his whispery, 84-year-old voice.My last encounter with him was at his rambling Georgian house in Surrey, the one where he and his wife, Sheila (Poppy), have lived since 1949. In the intervening years something terrible happened to him, to his family. It was the most terrible day of our lives, the day we found out. We absolutely adored her.' He looks past me, out of the window, his eyes bulging and glistening. We have had an association of such love, such laughter, such discovery for so very, very long. It was to have been our diamond jubilee celebration the year…' He trails off again. As we are both now blinking back tears, I change the subject, sort of.In 2004 his eldest daughter, Jane, and his 14-year-old granddaughter, Lucy, were killed when a wall of water engulfed the resort of Phuket during the Boxing Day tsunami. He is wearing black: black shirt, black cardigan and black trousers which ride up to reveal pale, hairless shins. His new film is called Closing the Ring and is released this week.Other than a brief press statement of the facts at the time, Lord Attenborough hasn't talked about it publicly, mostly because he can't. It's not mourning black, because he was wearing the same when I met him last time. It stars Shirley Mac Laine, Christopher Plummer and Mischa Barton, and is partly based on a true story of an American bomber which crashed in fog near Belfast during the war. He found the distraction of film-making therapeutic.Thirty men from the 2nd Volunteer Battalion joined others from East Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Cambridge University to train at Bury. At 5.30 am, in a blinding snowstorm, they were cheered off at Bury train station by hundreds of local people. Rural life was however, in decline as foreign food imports undermined agricultural prices and thus wages.